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| April 23, 2014

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What Price Clean Fun?

April 10, 2014 |

On the night of April 6, 2014, Queensland Police raided a bunch of commercial and residential properties in Gold Coast, wrapping up the biggest drug operation in the city’s history, arresting more than 150 people on 400 charges. The total … Read More

Don’t buy power at the door

April 10, 2014 |

In the race for customers, energy companies have taken to door-to-door salesmanship. If you’ve encountered sales representatives from power companies that knock on your door and proceed to tell you why your current provider is not so good and why … Read More

Politics: No Funny business

April 1, 2014 |

The uninitiated could be forgiven for thinking the Australian Sports Party is the kind of party that you go to on a Saturday night. But if you have the two minutes you need to look them up, they’re a political … Read More


March 29, 2014 |


The Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM), the southern hemisphere’s greatest annual celebration of Indian cinema, takes places from 1-11 May. This year’s festival explores the richness of contemporary Indian cinema across four program streams, with films spanning Bollywood … Read More

Going on a Holiday? Be Wary about Travel Scams

March 24, 2014 |

It was yet another beautiful day in Australia. Now, who can get enough of the natural beauty and warm people? Yet, a tiny incident left me thinking that I need to be more observant about people as much as I … Read More

Lost Puppy leavesher Paw Prints from North to South Australia, Reunited with Owner

March 12, 2014 |

Little did Mr. Brenton Chambers from Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory of Australia, imagine his lost terrier puppy named Malibue, would travel many miles! This 7-month old pup is rumoured to have jumped into a car and travelled miles … Read More

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